Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ann Coulter: To avoid looking like a criminal, don't commit a crime

She has some useful advice for blacks, but will they be smart enough to follow it?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully they'll listen. For our sake, and their own sake. It would benefit the blacks, it would be more for their own sake, if they were to listen.

Like so many others, the blacks are letting the mainstream culture [Madison Ave and Hollywood] define what it means to be a Black American. Just like a lot of white kids allow the mainstream culture define what it means to be a White American.

I blame the adults though. They should be the ones giving the kids direction and not let letting TV do the job for them.

Madison Ave and Hollywood has a very insidious agenda. Our mainstream culture gets more satanic with every passing year. The best thing for all Americans would be to stop watching TV and stop going to the movies, and stop buying the awful music the record companies pump out. Much of it is all designed to create animosity and violence.

And the insidious satanic agenda in our mainstream culture -- while there are many Jews involved in it, there are at the same time many Non-Jews involved in it also. And the Non-Jews involved in it love the satanic agenda as much as the Jews involved in it do.

I hope the black kids listen. If not to Coulter, at least to their own fellow Blacks who are saying the same thing as Coulter.

Even Jesse Jackson said when he hears someone walking behind him on the sidewalk, he's always relieved when it turns out to be a White man and not a Black man [to paraphrase].He said he doesn't feel safe when a black man is walking behind him. So it's not really "racist" for Whites to think the same thing. The way things are, with the extremely high number of crimes the blacks commit, it's just common sense.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Not to be rude, Average Joe, but no, they will never be smart enough.