Monday, July 22, 2013

Nearly one black teenager a day is shot dead on the South Side of Chicago — to name only one city — by another black teenager

Why are black leaders only interested in some black-victim homicides?


Anonymous said...

The blacks can't milk White Americans for even more special treatment with black-on-black crime. There's so little White on black crime -- especially murder -- they had to resort to labeling an Hispanic "White" in order to bleed White America for even more special treatment.

The White crime rate is actually much less than the government records indicate. Middle Easterners, Pakistanis, Indians -- both from India and "native American" Injuns -- South Pacific Islanders, and all manner of Non-White race-mixed types are labeled as "White" by our very traitorous government. Even the race-mixed types without even one drop of Caucasian blood are labeled as "White".

The race hustlers like Al Sharpton and ilk are not upset about Trayvon's death at all. Quite the opposite. Al Sharpton and other black so-called leaders gained more power via the contrived racial issue Sanford turned into.

If Al Sharpton and the other race hustlers cared about blacks getting killed they would protest black-on-black crime and Mexican-on-black crime. The Mexicans are killing blacks in California in record numbers. With guns Obama and Holder gave to the Mexicans!! So the black leaders are full of shit.

They can't get even more special treatment from White America with black-on-black crime or Mexican/Hispanic-on-black crime.

Hispanics have been killing blacks in the US since the 1960's. For example : Puerto Ricans have been killing blacks in NYC from the 1960's at least. Never a word of "anger" from the blacks about it.

" Obama + Operation Fast And Furious"

" Mexicans Killing Blacks In Los Angeles"

" Mexicans Killing Blacks In Southern California"

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that there is NO white on black rape. All the rape is black on White. Or blacks raping Hispanics, or Hispanics raping blacks.

There's NO White-on black rape. No white-on Hispanic rape.

The "minorities" - now majorities in many areas of the US -- are committing all the rape in the US.

Sanford, by the way, was minority White. 99% of the crime committed in Sanford is by blacks and Hispanics and other third world types. The crime rate in Sanford is sky-high -- long before the Zimmerman/Trayvon altercation.

The little crime the Whites commit are not violent crimes like rape, arson, or murder.

From : Joe