Saturday, July 20, 2013

Are black riots really about Obama and his policies?

An interesting post from Brenda Walker:
My two cents on the Trayvon frenzy: there’s a big element of emotional displacement of black anger with the President transferred to this case. Many blacks are deeply disappointed with the Obama Presidency, in particular the terrible unemployment because of his destructive handling of the economy. Life for millions of black citizens has gotten worse, not better, under the African-American President, but it is taboo to criticize him, so their outrage has been funneled into the highly publicized shooting and trial.
If there were jobs and a sense of hope about the future, the trial’s outcome might have been more easily accepted. But Obama has given far more attention to the imagined concerns of hispanics than to his own paternal race, who have to riot to get noticed by the President.


Anonymous said...

Who's stopping the blacks from criticizing Obama? No one is stopping the blacks from criticizing Obama. Criticizing Obama is not "taboo". The blacks are free as birds to criticize Obama.

And if they're so upset and angry with Obama, why are they killing working-class White Americans for it?

The blacks overwhelmingly love Obama ; Obama and his "Justice" Department and the Communists in Washington who gives them the "license" to attack White Americans.

There are a small handful of blacks very negative and critical of Obama. No one, at least NO White Americans, are making it "taboo" for blacks to criticize Obama :

So if Blacks don't like Obama and White Americans are NOT stopping Blacks from criticizing Obama, why are blacks attacking and killing White Americans?

Brenda Walker's analysis doesn't hold any water, not a drop. Totally off-target analysis.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

If the blacks don't like Obama, and everyone-- including the blacks -- knows the majority of the White working-class didn't vote for Obama, why are the blacks attacking and killing the White working-class?

One would think they would ally themselves with those Whites who didn't vote for Obama, the White working-class, as that's the very group who didn't put the Obama the blacks are so supposedly "angry" with into the White House, if the blacks were truly "angry" at Obama ; Instead of attacking and KILLING the White working-class who didn't put the Obama blacks are so supposedly "angry" with into the White House.

Brenda Walker doesn't know what she's talking about, or is looking for excuses and ways to deflect from the huge amount of crime blacks commit against White Americans -- especially the White working-class, the every exact people who did NOT vote Obama into office. So the blacks are really NOT "angry" with Obama, the blacks are "angry" at White Americans and are on a KILLING SPREE against White Americans -- and all the bullshit in the world can't cover that up -- including Brenda Walker's bullshit.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

Excuse the typo in last paragraph:

Not "every". It's meant to read :

"...,the VERY exact people who did NOT vote Obama into office." In other words, the White working-class. If the blacks truly didn't like Obama they wouldn't attack and KILL the VERY people who DID NOT put Obama into office.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

If there's anyone making it "taboo" to criticize Obama, it's the overwhelming majority of blacks who are trying so desperately to STOP us White Americans from criticizing Obama.

The Whites are NOT stopping blacks from criticizing Obama and his policies ; The blacks are trying to STOP us White Americans from criticizing Obama.

So they must love him a lot. The complete opposite of what Brenda Walker's mendacious analysis. Walker turns the whole situation upside-down as a means to distract from the Real Issue : The huge amount of Crimes blacks commit against White Americans.

The blacks have been attacking White Americans in huge numbers since the 1960's -- whatever president was in office, whatever the government policies.

They finally got a president who actually gives the blacks "the go-ahead" to attack White Americans even more than they have already been doing since the 1960's -- and that's saying a lot: And they love Obama for it and are trying desperately to STOP us White Americans from criticizing Obama, EXACTLY because he gave them the "go-ahead" to attack us White Americans.

Walker is full of shit.

From : Armenius

Anonymous said...

If the blacks are suffering "displaced anger" it because they're still not making it in America. And it's blatantly obvious -- especially to them.

After decades of affirmative action, set-aside programs, billions of dollars spent on the schools, integrated schools and also special schools just for blacks, colleges and companies tripping over themselves to recruit and hire blacks, more affirmative action,yet more money spent on schools, and every kind of government and private welfare, social, cultural, academic programs, all kinds of entitlement programs for the blacks -- and they're still not making it.

Their "displaced anger" is about their own failures they refuse to own up to, their failures to take advantage of all the opportunities.

In some ways, the blacks have more rights than us White Americans. One example : The blacks can go to an ALL-Black college or an integrated college. White Americans have NO choice but to go to integrated colleges. They even have grammar schools especially for blacks ["gifted" blacks]and the black schools are extremely well-funded -- totally VERBOTEN for White Americans.

In the school districts run by blacks, there's massive stealing of funds that should go to the schools, but wind up instead in the pockets of the black administrators. Massive stealing in black-run school districts.

Brenda Walker leaves all that out of her "narrative" about black "anger" and "violence". Her analysis doesn't even to begin to explain why blacks are targeting White Americans so intensely and so murderously. That they are attacking us White Americans in such large numbers because they supposedly don't like Obama is bullshit.

If they truly were concerned about blacks getting murdered they would STOP killing their fellow blacks down in such huge numbers. Blacks MURDERED 11,106 of their FELLOW Blacks since Sanford. Including Blacks MURDERING YOUNG BLACK CHILDREN in large Numbers. So they're really not "angry" about Trayvon. They're actually very happy about it because Washington gave them the go-ahead to attack White Americans, and "work the system" to get even more freebies and more special treatment.

From : Scott

Anonymous said...

If a black attacks me and stabs me with a knife while shouting, "This is for Trayvon" what I'm as a White American supposed to think : "That's great. The black doesn't like Obama, I don't like Obama either .Boy, we have a lot in common."

Doesn't work that way Brenda Walker.

From : Jimmy

Anonymous said...

If the blacks are so "angry" at Obama because of the economy and are truly so opposed to Obama's financial policies, why weren't they protesting and rioting before the Sanford incident? Why did they get "angry" about the economy the very same day as the Zimmerman/Trayvon altercation?

Obama's financial policies have been in place from his first day in office.
The economy crashed in 2008. His first year in office. That was 5 years ago.

I never heard any black anywhere complain about his financial policies, let alone arrange giant street protests, rallies, rioting, blocking freeways, attacking, assaulting, and killing White Americans, because they didn't like Obama's financial policies.

I don't hear any black mention anything about the economy at the Trayvon protests. When they brutally attack White Americans they yell, "This Is For Trayvon", they don't yell, "This Is For The Economy". Or, "This Is Because We Don't Like Obama's Financial Policies".

So Brenda Walker is full of shit.

From : Tony

Anonymous said...

I have "displaced anger" because I was laid off because of Obama's financial policies. The company wasn't doing well. I got laid-off. Do you think Brenda Walker would be okay with it if I went around and Murdered Black Americans because of my "displaced anger"?

As Obama is surrounded by Jewish financial advisors and they're the ones who really make the big financial decisions, do you think Brenda Walker would be okay with it if I took out my "displaced anger" out on the Jews and went around and Murdered Jews?

From : Vinny

Anonymous said...

The White American President Ronald Reagan granted the illegal aliens in America the first amnesty.

"But Reagan has given far more more attention to the imagined concerns of Hispanics and other third world illegal aliens than his own paternal race"; Which happens to be my race : White.

I have "displaced anger" because the White Reagan had more concern for Hispanics and other third world illegal aliens than White Americans.

Do you think Brenda Walker would be okay with it if I went around and Murdered blacks because I suffer from "displaced anger" because Reagan had more concern for illegal aliens than his/my paternal race?

Ronald Reagan let in shitloads of Communist Jews -- NOT WHITE -- into the US under his "watch", and he signed their Jew Commie Noahide Laws -- the kind of Talmudic Laws that were the Laws of the Soviet Union. The very same laws that were used as legal "justification" to Kill millions of White Christians in the Jew Soviet Union.

"But Reagan has given far more attention to the imagined concerns of Russian Jew Communists than his own paternal race"; Which happens to my Race : White, Christian.

Do you think Brenda Walker would be okay with it if I went around and Murdered Jews because I suffer from "displaced anger" because Reagan paid far more attention to the imagined concerns of Russian Commie Jews than his/my paternal race?

From : Valerio

Anonymous said...

What is going on has very little to do with Trayvon or Obama, (although Obama is attempting to make the most of it). It is simply another excuse; one that has the stamp of approval of the media and government, to act out the seething hatred that blacks have been cultured to develop for whites over many decades in this country. They don't need an excuse to kill us and hate us but when one comes along, it's nice to have give them something to chant in the streets.
STOP looking for reasons. They hate you. They loath you and want everything that you have ever worked for. It's really as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Is there any clearer indication of the low IQ of inner-city blacks than this study from Philly?

It was supposed to be about the effects of crack cocaine addition on the offspring of addicted mothers, but look at those average IQs: 79 and 81.

How can any economy function with such low IQ people?

Anonymous said...

The blacks were attacking and committing crimes against White Americans in very large numbers in the 1990's also when the economy was booming, so Brenda Walker's analysis doesn't hold up to objective scrutiny.

From: Lance

Anonymous said...

Take your country back, White people and stop complaining.

All you do is complain non-stop.

Anonymous said...

Lead the way, OH Great Anonymous at 7:07, you seem to have a plan to "take our country back". Mind sharing your plan with us White Americans ? Oh Mighty and Exalted WHITE Leader!!

From : 24/7Complainer