Thursday, June 25, 2015

According to Census Bureau data, there are 55.4 million Hispanics in the United States as of July 2014

The Census Bureau report shows that the white population of the United States reached an all-time high median age of 43 and those whites younger than 5 were outnumbered by minority children. In New Jersey, the report found that 64 % of the Latino population – or 1.1 million people – are younger than 40 years old and that the majority of the state's millennial population – people between 18 and 34 years old – are minorities. The changing demographics across the nation also indicate that many states are moving toward becoming minority-majority — where all minorities combine to make up more than half the population. Nevada, a key state in the upcoming 2016 presidential election, looks poised to soon join that club, whose members already include Hawaii (77% minority), California (61.5%), New Mexico (61.1%) and Texas (56.6%). Thirteen states now boost a minority-majority in their under-20 population, up from only five states in 2000. None of these states showed an increase in the under-20 white population, which currently sits at 52.2% nationwide. Pairing the growing Hispanic population with that of the expanding Asian population – the census data shows that China has replaced Mexico as the chief source of immigrants to the United States – has many experts saying that as many as 25.6 million new Hispanic and Asian voters could sway the vote in states across the country come 2016 and 2020.

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