Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Indian barbarians: A 55-year-old man has been beheaded by an occultist group in Jharkhand for better harvest and rain

Thepa Kharia is believed to have been killed by Orkas who bury human heads in farms as a part of their worship for better rain and harvest. According to police, Kharia was alone at his home when a group of Orkas entered and beheaded him and sped away with his head. Not finding Thepa in the local market, villagers broke open his house' door and found his headless body lying in a pool of blood, police officer Ajay Kumar Thakur said. Orkas roam around the villages just before the monsoon and nobody in this area dares make a complaint against them. This incident shows that the age-old ritual of human sacrifice for better harvest and rain is still prevalent in the Indian state.

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Anonymous said...

"... Nobody in this area dares make a complaint against them."

Sounds like how the Rulers here would like us to regard the wild negroes.

Do we have an Orka gap? Do we have any Orkas here in the US? Better import them for diversity.