Saturday, June 20, 2015

Blacks in Britain: A black woman, who called the police at 5am to falsely claim that she had been raped in the street, has been jailed for eight months at the Old Bailey

Comfort Yinusa, 23, accused two men of attacking her outside a club near Liverpool Street station. Judge Peter Rook told her: “You have let down genuine rape victims, your actions led to a costly and unnecessary police investigation and two innocent men being put through the trauma of arrest and the procedures that follows.” Yinusa had claimed that she had left the Dollhouse club with the two men and made the allegation after phoning her boyfriend in distress and asking to be picked up. Two police officers and an ambulance with two paramedics were sent to investigate and treat any injuries. But detectives discovered CCTV footage in a nearby McDonald’s restaurant that showed Yinusa and her two alleged attackers laughing together. Phone records showed that one of the men was combing the streets of the City looking for his car when the alleged rape was said to have happened. Police were able to track down the two men who spent six weeks each on police bail before suspicion was dropped. More than £3,000 was wasted on forensic lines of inquiry before her lies could be proved and she was arrested in December 2013. At first Yinusa pleaded not guilty to doing actions intended to pervert the course of justice but changed her plea before she was due to go on trial.

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Anonymous said...

A black woman claiming rape. That should have alerted police to her lies right there.