Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Only 20% of Ethiopians who were either born in Israel or moved there at a young age hold an academic degree – half the percentage (40%) of the rest of the Israeli Jewish population

However, the academic education rate among Ethiopians who moved to Israel after the age of 12 is even lower, at only 6%, and most of that 6% consists of people who arrived between the ages of 13 and 18. Only about 21% of Ethiopians educated in Israel are in the top echelons of the labor market, compared to about 40% of the rest of the Jewish population, and about 60% of Ethiopians have low-skilled or unskilled jobs, compared to some 41% of their non-Ethiopian Jewish counterparts. Among Ethiopians who arrived in the country when they were older, the study found that 50% of women and 17% of men work in cleaning and kitchen services. The Ethiopian Israeli community is worse off than the rest of the Jewish population. As of 2013, the population of Israelis of Ethiopian origin stood at 135,500 which is about 1.7% of the total population. The gross monthly cash income for an Ethiopian household was about NIS 11,452 which is approximately 35% less than the average population income of about NIS 17,711 per household.

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