Thursday, June 4, 2015

Black-on-black crime: New York authorities say an assault that saw a transgender woman pushed onto subway tracks may have been a hate crime

The 28-year-old black "woman" wearing a blond wig was shoved as "she" waited at the southbound platform of Bleecker Street Station in Greenwich Village. According to police, the victim was approached by a black man who said: "What are you looking at?" They said that he then reached for a plastic bottle from a nearby garbage bin, threw it at her and pushed her on the tracks. He then fled from the scene. Another passenger helped get the victim back on the platform. The victim suffered minor abrasions and was taken to Bellevue Hospital after complaining of pain, but was later discharged. Officers have released images of the black suspect and are offering a reward for information. The case has been handed by New York City police to a hate crime task force.

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