Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ahmad Saleem, a Muslim community activist, has been arrested during a sting targeting people who attempted to lure underaged girls online for sex

When the Muslim activist — who is also the founder of the Saleem Academy — arrived at a Clermont-area home, he thought that he was coming to meet a 12-year-old girl. Instead he was met by detectives. The website for Saleem Academy now says, “CLOSED. MAY GOD BLESS YOU, GUIDE YOU, AND ILLUMINATE THE RIGHT PATH FOR YOU, AND KEEP YOU FIRM ON IT. KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS.” Saleem was just one of 101 people arrested in an undercover two-week, cyber-crime prostitution and child-sex sting in the Lake and Polk county area. “Central Florida is now a safer place today because of the efforts of our deputies,” Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders said. The girl that Saleem was coming to see was really one of the undercover detectives who helped to crack down on people looking for sex with minors ages 10 to 14.


Anonymous said...

This must be the stupidest country on the planet (excepting, of course, the totally whacked-out UK).

Other countries (e.g. Canada and Australia) which bring in significant numbers of immigrants do so in order to improve themselves. Their immigrants are expected to be educated, with means and with skills and certainly not criminals.

This ridiculous place brings in the poor, criminal, unskilled and uneducated and does so to improve their lives, not help the US.

In addition, immigrants are usually expected to adopt the values and traditions of their new country. Not so in this stupid place. Here we are expected to change to suit them. I'm waiting for Catholic University to be ordered to remove crosses from their campus to satisfy muslim immigrants.

The land of idiots.

BryanDennis said...

This is NOT the land of the idiots. This is the land of white sufferage. We have been subverted by the most aggressive, unscrupulous and diabolical people in the world. If you don't know who they are you are but one of the millions of casualties resulting from the ongoing sabotage. We have been a victim of unceasing manipulation lasting over 100 years. The fate of the first republic is sealed, but we will war and stand victorious over them and rebuild. This country is on an inevitable track of destruction resulting from their greatest exploit- multiculturalism. A never ending Tsunami of 3rd world immigrants who have poisoned our economy, culture, faith and family. Unlike Australia, however, we still have our guns and despite the immigrants who naturally won't identify as one of us, Patriots, who are pawns being brought in to water down our Nationalist ideals of liberty, held as hot as a blazing fire in the hearts of real Americans, we will export them back home and will slaughter those who stay to fight on the side of big brother. As they have been kicked out of every nation in Europe, so will it be in America. Unfortunately for these vermin, they never learn and so history repeats itself.