Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Police in Dallas have arrested four black people for beating a pregnant teenaged relative so that she would have a miscarriage

A fifth person was also arrested for the sexual assault of the minor. During an afternoon press conference Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Gil Garza said, “We believe we arrested all the right people… identified them all.” The victim recently told authorities that she became pregnant in 2012, at only 13 years old, after being sexually assaulted. In addition to the four arrests for engaging in organized criminal activity, police also arrested Robert Joseph Cayald for aggravated sexual assault of a child. The 22-year-old black male is related to the victim. Two men and two women, all also related to the victim, are facing first-degree felony, organized criminal activity charges. They have been identified as Cedric Jones Junior, 27; Sharon Jones, 45; Lonnell McDonald, 27; and 25-year-old Cecilia McDonald. The girl told authorities that it wasn’t until 2013, when she was approximately eight months pregnant, when the family realized she was expecting. Given the girl was underage and assaulted by a relative, the family feared Child Protective Services (CPS) would be called. The family members accused of organized crime then, according to police, “took matters into their own hands” to try and end the pregnancy. Sexual assault suspect Robert Cayald is being held on $25,000 bond. Bail for the four adults accused of organized crime has been set at $150,000 each.

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