Friday, June 26, 2015

Omar Thornton and Dylann Roof

Why is the media more interested in white racist murderers than in black ones?


Anonymous said...

Omar Thornton, who had a White wife, shot and kill eight of his coworkers. They were all White males. Thornton admitted that he targeted only White males during his massacre. He had the chance to shoot other races, but he chose all White males. He left a message saying they were all racists. There was an investigation of all of the dead White males. No racism was found. Omar Thornton was fired by his jew do gooder boss for stealing huge amounts of the beer distributors products and supplies. To prove that he was a coward and a liar, Thornton committed suicide.

Anonymous said...

The position was reversed in Manchester,Ct with Omar Thornton.All the blacks were making jokes and siding with poor oppressed Omar.They were stating that all those white people deserved what happened.I live in Ct and I read and saw how the so called african american community reacted.They treated Omar like he was a hero.And a buddy of mine who worked at the Manchester stop and shop could feel the tension in the air when the black and white shoppers were around each other.Also as I said Omars mother had a website set up to collect money and every black around and from all over the country posted and sent money.How pathetic is that.Of course the local media and national media never said squat.Never called out the pathetic black community about their sick behavior.So now look what you have.