Friday, June 26, 2015

Facebook has revealed that more than half of its US staff are white (Jewish?), with the proportion dropping slightly from 57% to 55%

The proportion of Asian employees increased by 2% to 36%, but the shares of Hispanic and black people or those of “two or more races” remained flat at 4%, 2% and 3% respectively. Facebook’s senior leadership is even more homogeneous, with 73% of the most important positions filled by white people (Jews?). The most recent EEO filing available shows Facebook hired an additional seven black people out of an overall headcount increase of 1,231 in 2013. At that time Facebook employed just 45 black staff out of a total US workforce of 4,263. Facebook’s black female headcount increased by just one person over 2013 to 11, and the number of black men increased by six to 34. There were no black people in any executive or senior management positions. Over the same period the company’s white employee headcount (Jews?) increased by 695. There were 125 white people (Jews?) holding executive and senior management positions at the firm. Facebook also made little progress increasing the proportion of female employees, 68% of its global employees are male – a decrease of 1%. Among its employees working on its core technology 84% are male, down from 85% last year. The slow progress on improving diversity comes despite Zuckerberg repeatedly promising to make the company’s employees better reflect the identities of its users.

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