Saturday, December 31, 2011

A black man who persuaded his brother to eat an ounce of cocaine after they were arrested is to be charged with causing his death

Wayne Joshua Mitchell, 20, collapsed and died an hour after ingesting the drug as he sat in the back of a police car. His 23-year-old brother, who was captured on a police video cameras urging his brother to eat the drug, has been charged with his death. Deangelo Rashard Mitchell is heard on the police film telling his younger brother that if he is caught with the drug he will spend the rest of his life in prison. At his urging his younger brother swallows the drug. A toxicology test revealed the cause of death was from ingesting cocaine. A video camera recorded what happened as DeAngelo Mitchell told his brother that he couldn't afford another strike against him and that he needed his brother to eat the cocaine he had in his possession. Mitchell then appears to hand off the cocaine, which was stuffed in his buttocks, to his brother. Wayne Mitchell then ate the cocaine. Minutes later the younger Mitchell began having trouble breathing and holding his head up. His brother told police the 20-year-old had swallowed cocaine, but did not mention where it came from. Despite being rushed to hospital doctors were unable to save Mitchell. DeAngelo Mitchell has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Police records show he has numerous convictions for drug arrests.


Anonymous said...

More Darwin Award candidates.

rjp said...

Can you imagine having to watch this?

Well at least the brother was probably ready for some prison sex by the time he got to jail.