Saturday, December 31, 2011

Drunk Hispanic cop is kicked off bus

Sergeant Carlos Fabara was taken off the Greyhound bus in Philadelphia, which had passengers returning to New York City. Security guards and police handcuffed the off-duty police officer who reportedly earns nearly $100,000. Sergeant Fabara was in fact profiled several years ago as having 13 civilian complaints lodged against him as an NYPD cop in 2006. This was a record for the department. Only around 10% of officers get at least one complaint each year. The driver tried his best to get the officer off the bus - full with passengers returning home after the Christmas 2011 weekend. But the driver got so annoyed that he called security guards to take away the 14-year Latino police veteran in handcuffs. An NYPD spokesman said that its internal affairs department is investigating and confirmed that the officer involved was Sergeant Fabara.

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