Friday, December 9, 2011

Too many Somalians have become a burden on the British taxpayer, thanks to their welfare dependency

Over 80% of them live in taxpayer-funded homes. Moreover Somali gangs, most of them peddling drugs, have helped to create a climate of fear in parts of British cities through their enthusiasm for violence and contempt for the law. As one Somali youth from the notorious Woolwich Boys says, “We’ve come over here with one thing on our mind – money. We don’t care how we get it. The Government doesn’t stand a chance.” Tremendous double standards are at work over race crime. Racial killings of whites are frequently downplayed or forgotten in Britain. The name of Kriss Donald is almost unknown in 2011, yet the circumstances of his death could hardly have been more horrific. In March 2004, while walking through Glasgow, the 15-year-old Scottish schoolboy was kidnapped by a Pakistani gang, dragged to open land, tortured, stabbed 13 times and set on fire while he was still alive. Fortunately the Muslim gang was caught and convicted, but this monstrous crime provoked no great outpouring of moral anguish. Peter Fahy, one of Britain’s leading chief constables, once said that political correctness means it is harder to get the media interested when the victims are young white men.

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