Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Muslim man who punched a nurse for trying to remove his wife's burqa during childbirth has been jailed in France

Nassim Mimoune, 24, had already been expelled from the delivery room for branding the midwife a rapist as she carried out an intimate examination of his wife. Then through a window he spotted the nurse taking off his wife's burqa as she prepared to give birth. He smashed open the locked door and hit the woman in the face, demanding she replace the full Islamic face veil. As his wife delivered a baby boy, Mimoune was ejected from the building by security men from the hospital in Marseille and arrested for assault. A judge in the southern French port has jailed Mimoune for six months.


muslim directory said...

Midwives are just insensitive in general... I'm sure there are a few people who would love to hit one in the face... This guy lived the dream.

Average Joe said...

This guy lived the dream

No, he just lived the Muslim dream. Most non-Muslims realize that civilized people do not go around hitting women in the face.

Anonymous said...

If the judge "jailed" this thug for six months, it means that, most probably, he walked free out of the courtroom.

Prison sentences of less than two years are generally not enforced in France. That's the law. And in order to get a two-year non-suspended sentence, you must have done something really, really serious.