Friday, December 9, 2011

An unlicensed black cosmetologist operating out of a North Carolina Motel 6 has been arrested after having injected a fake butt implant solution into an exotic dancer's rear

Lauretta Cheek, 42, was already on probation because she had been given similar treatments to 3 women in 2008 who ended up having kidney failure as a result. This time, the African-American was arrested for injecting the dancer's butt with a disfiguring potion. Cheek was released on a written promise to appear in court. She did not have a listed telephone and Guilford County Sheriff's Detective Craig Cotten did not know if she had an attorney. The latest victim was an exotic dancer from Charlotte who wanted to augment her assets. She met Cheek in a hotel room for the injection in 2010. Cheek's price was about $500, but the unknown substance sent the victim to hospital emergency rooms twice. It appears that the substance that was injected into her basically burned its way back out.

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